Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice

"lower general intelligence in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status."

energy and decision

A dramatic study on how food and energy affects the decisions of judges. Judges are more likely to grant parole when they are less hungry!

2010 AMA survey

2010 American Management Association Critical Skills Survey:

According to the survey results, executives said these skills and competencies have been articulated within their organizations as priorities for employee development, talent management and succession planning. In fact, the majority agreed that their employees are measured in communication skills (80.4%), critical thinking (72.4%), collaboration (71.2%), and creativity (57.3%) during annual performance appraisals. In addition, job applicants are assessed in these areas during the hiring process.

Someone needs a lesson on validity

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative people tend to be more dishonest

The Dark Side of Creativity: Original Thinkers Can Be More Dishonest

Published: February 10, 2011
Authors: Francesca Gino and Dan Ariely
  • Creative students who showed a natural aptitude for divergent thinking tended to cheat more than linear thinkers.
  • Creativity is a better predictor of unethical behavior than intelligence.
  • Students who were deliberately induced to think creatively were, in turn, more likely to cheat than those who weren't primed to think outside the box.
  • Creative people are more likely to cheat in part because their creativity helps them to come up with ingenious explanations to justify their unethical behavior.