Monday, November 26, 2012

dualism makes you fat

“The Mind Is Willing, but the Flesh Is Weak”

Interesting study - people believing in the soul makes less healthy decisions.
(And also when people are primed with the theory of dualism)

Repost from lifehacker : mild ambient noise promotes creativity

Mild Ambient Noise Can Spur Creativity and Keep You Motivated:

A new study explains why so many of us find it easier to work and learn when sitting with our laptops in coffee shops or other bustling places, and the answer is simple: modest ambient noise (around 70 decibels) triggers the part of our brains responsible for abstract and creative thinking. More »

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gender bias in science

(Even after taking into account the percentage of female scientists)

Men are more likely to be invited to write in top science journals:

A committee with a male chairperson will give a scientific award to a male 95% of the time: